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About the Service

What is TitlePage?

TitlePage is the Australian book industry's online price and availability service. It allows publishers and distributors to offer current price, availability and stock information to booksellers and suppliers. Titlepage was launched in September 2004 by the Australian Publishers Association to provide:

What is TitlePage Plus?

TitlePage Plus is a subscription-based product. It provides complete packages that help booksellers to quickly and easily find local books and their availability; to source all titles and get quality metadata; and to offer products and services that attract and keep book consumers as customers. It offers a one-stop supply chain solution for all physical and ebook titles and aims to help deliver efficient and competitive alternatives to international competitors.

For more information on TitlePage Plus email

How can TitlePage help me?

Booksellers and suppliers can use TitlePage to access accurate price and availability and bibliographic information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Booksellers have reported that access to the service outside normal business hours and on weekends has improved customer service and is saving them considerable time and money in dealing with P&A enquiries.

Publishers and distributors using TitlePage have found that calls to their customer service centres have reduced in duration and the content of the call is more concerned with ordering or progress queries rather than information queries. In addition, bookseller and suppliers are discovering some publisher's titles for the first time by using this industry-wide service.

Who's involved?

The following publishers generously provided funding for the build of TitlePage:

Since the launch of the site in September 2004, many more publishers and distributors have joined the service. For a full list of TitlePage publishers and distributors click here.

The following booksellers and suppliers helped the APA in the testing and development of TitlePage prior to its launch:

How can I become part of TitlePage?

To be part of the TitlePage Plus community booksellers must be registered for TitlePage Essential, the free look-up service. Choose from two subscription-levels for access to TitlePage Plus, or for more comprehensive, purpose built metadata, you can subscribe to TitlePage Platinum. For a more information, please send an email indicating interest to

Publishers and distributors can become part of TitlePage by paying a low-cost annual subscription based on their turnover and the number of titles they wish to list. They also need to be a member of the Australian Publishers Association. As a first step, register your interest by clicking on the Publisher/Distributor Registration link and completing the registration form. For specific APA membership or pricing inquiries contact the APA on For more information please email

How do I find out more?

For further information please email